Agency Sport Media offers you our Photographic Service with experienced professionals in the world of sports photography.

We have photographers with experience in various sporting high competition, ranging from the elite motorcycling MotoGP and CEV Repsol or the World Series by Renault.

Serving outdoor or indoor establishments, while in studio photo essays cover for advertising and display equipment.

One of our most popular services is the documentation of sporting events in which we get the client to maximize their resources and always have on hand, when and where each event happened, both on and off the track.



Agency Sport Media was created as a result of the urgent need for the facilities , sports facilities and organizers have graphically when documenting an event that in one hundred percent of the cases , the projection becomes brand itself as well as get material that will avoid unnecessary losses when programming and redesign the assembly of a similar event again in future seasons time.

In Agency Sport Media does not intend to introduce a magical new system , but to develop the same mechanism that other circuits working with large media events scale (MotoGP , Formula 1, Superbike , Repsol CEV , etc. . ) Are already practicing with success and we’ve been involved at various times in our careers.

Our commitment begins with the participation of top-level photographers and extensive experience in the field of Sports Photography and Documentation .

We understand the initial needs an organizer needs and have the tools and knowledge to deliver effective and quality product as photography is concerned .

All our experience we now put on the table for your company and organize events , have professionals in what we are convinced is a must in any sporting structure.

Agency Sport Media is a photographic agency with a solid foundation in Sports Photography and Documentation , having fixed photographers in the vicinity of the Circuit Motorland Aragon, Jerez, Catalunya and Cheste .

We have the experience and participation of the official photographers of the Circuit Motorland Aragon, where we cover all events at their facilities. In addition , we also carry a complete photographic coverage in various competitions , such as the CEV Repsol or sports high-level structures such as Renault Sport events for World Series by Renault in Spain .

In Events high media coverage is essential graphically display all the effort and potential provided by the circuit , since the action is not only found in every detail of the track and pit , but the audience itself , parking , access, media human and mechanical used , VIPs , the event extras ( TV screens , children’s attractions , cafe, etc. . ) .

Our photographers will document these events , ensuring the highest quality accredited after making this work for years for one of the best tours graphic image World events like MotoGP or Superbikes , plus the Renault World Series and other events of a similar impact

The real importance is simply to give all possible cover that surrounds the installation documenting every gesture , action or detail involving minimal effort to address circuit and personnel it takes the most disparate work ( since the presence of VIPs until the meeting of the Commissioners Briefing and Track ), giving a projection and palpable and visual documentation valid for external diffusion own advertising products , media , social networking, etc. .

The assembly of physical items on the sports facility is one of the strengths to cover for a major sporting event , where each truck photographing , hospitality , tent … How are positioned , where they feed on electricity and water is located, how willing parking spaces , the signs inside and outside of the circuit , newsrooms , conferences, etc … How is dressed staff , where is located each type of staff , few support vehicles and how kind are in track and beyond … public long had , where, when …

That is, any details which may well serve as documentation of the event or as mounting aid subsequent events.

Having accurate assemblies of this type allows the Organizer minimize loss of time when to reschedule the assembly in future similar events , correct possible faults in a more agile manner and means employed and justification of true economic costs graphical information investment .



We can design your website with a high quality results for your image on the web is that it has to be your sponsors and have the importance and visibility they deserve.
It also allows you to maintain contact with the media, official statements can hang as quickly.


Another of our services is the management of a press office, we are able to arrive earlier and a large number of ways for your sporting achievements are where they should be at the right time.
We also will design your newsletters so that you generate news out who you need when you need.